Make meaningful images from the jumbled ones.

The game starts with a picture shown to you in its complete form.

After familiarizing yourself with the picture, enter the puzzle by clicking on the link given below the picture.

 Sliding puzzles






Instructions for Sliding puzzle:

Click the 'Start' button to start the game.Here you are provided with the picture that has been cut and divided into equal pieces and one empty silver block.The pieces are shuffled in random order.

The objective of the game is to restore the original picture by reassembling the pieces.

You can move one of the pieces in to the empty block by clicking on that piece. The piece can move left/right or up/down

Note:You can move only the pieces that are adjacent to the empty block. You can't drag and drop the pieces

Continue until you have all the pieces in their proper places and view the original picture.

To play the game again, reshuffle the pieces by clicking the 'Start' button.