Board Publication
S.No. List Of State Board Publication
1. Status Report on Bhilwara
2. Status Report on Alwar
3. Comprihensive Guide Lines 1998
4. Documents on Textile Industry
5. Document on Pulp and Paper Industry
6. Documents on Pesticids Industry
7. Documents on General Engineering
8. Document on Cement Industry
9. Document on Copper Industry
10. Document on Lakes in Rajasthan
11. Assessment on Water Quality in Rajasthan
12. Ambient Noise Level in Rajasthan
13. Assessment on Air Quality in Rajasthan
14. Wind Roses of Selected Places in Rajasthan
15. Document on Edible Oil & Vanaspati Industry
16. Document on Environmental Evaluation of Air Quality in and around Jhallana & Jaipur City
17. Environmental Evalution of M.I.A Alwar
18. GUidelines for environmental management of mining operations with particular reference to Air & Water
19. Pollution Aspects: Ground water quality assessment in and arround Sanganer Town
20. Status report of Jodhpur
21. Status report of Jaipur
22. Status report of Kota
23. Status repot of Pali
24. Status report of Udaipur
25. Annual reports of the State Board

To Purchase the above publications,please contact:
Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board,
4, Institutional Area,
Jhallana Dungri,
The Concerning Regional Office of the area.